4 Things that Stress Out Small Business Owners!

Owning a small business is tough, there’s no getting around that. But we asked several small business owners what keeps them up at night, and we have come up with this list. The list is to help you understand the four things that stress out small business owners and what you can do to help alleviate that stress.

The ProblemsFinancial Help

Employees – Many times, the biggest problem that people have with their small business is their employees. This can be anything from their unexpected everyday problems, like kids and school, to just being a bad worker. Either way, when you have unhappy employees or employees that bring problems, it can stress you out.

Work/Life – Often, it is hard for business owners to balance their work and personal life. The balance between the two is vital for ensuring that you maintain your sanity.

Cash Flow – Another common problem that occurs in the day-to-day is measuring and maintaining cash flow. This is never truer than when payroll and quarterly taxes come around. The mentality of “a slow business is a dead business” can wrack the nerves of even the most experienced business owner.

Upkeep of the Job – There are countless blindsides when running a business. As bad as those are, the monthly upkeep of maintaining a business can wear a business owner down like waves on a shore.

The Solutionsasset-based lending

Despite naming all of the problems that small business owners face, and possibly raising your heart rate just thinking about it, there are solutions.

Employee Incentives – Many employees often have aspirations and dreams outside of your workplace. However, to keep them happy, they need to be invested in your business. By giving employees incentives, you give them something to work towards. These can be financial incentives, such as cash bonuses or store merchandise, or it can be non-financial, such as letters of recommendations or workplace responsibilities. Engaging with your employees unifies a business.

Factoring/Funding – If cash flow is a problem, or if there is a particularly large bill coming up that you are dreading, try factoring or alternative funding methods. These can offer temporary relief, especially in slow months, to help you have peace of mind until you catch your bearings.


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