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Accounts receivable financing can seem rather complex, and very well can be for many companies. Whether it is simply misunderstanding concepts or just being out of practice, it may be helpful to review some quick tips for managing your accounts receivable.

  • Take Advantage of the Tech: When used to its fullest potential, technology can save you countless hours by automating tasks and minimizing the risk of human error. Collection and credit applications can be pricey, but often are a great investment in the long run.
  • Be a Proactive Communicator: Do not let payment issues snowball into critical problems for your company. Identify and clear up any confusion as soon as it’s apparent and address it with your customers.
  • Spring Cleaning: Be sure to clear old or outdated data from your systems. When managing a successful business, it’s often easy to let clutter take over your hard drive or cabinet space. Regularly purge your memory and file folders of long-gone clients to streamline your data collection and make shuffling through superfluous files a thing of the past.
  • Metrics Matter: From asset turnover results to asset quality, pay security to risk profiles, there are many accounts receivable metrics that truly matter. Put metrics in place to ensure that the numbers that matter (or should matter) are being tracked and accurately reported for your company.
  • Leave it to the Pros: We all know that keeping accounts receivable in check is a vital asset to your company; why not leave it to professionals? AmeriFactors specializes in working with small and large companies in various markets and has the resources to ensure that your company receives the funds you deserve from your clientele.

Accounts receivable financing is a fantastic option for small businesses looking to avoid the pitfalls of bad credit and late payments. Your company deserves a financing expert in its corner to navigate through potential issues that are inherent within accounting for any business.

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