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Much like in your own life, asking for a business loan is often an experience people don’t look forward to. Loans, after all, can be a major source of stress if not handled responsibly. However, the truth is, loans are often a necessary “bridge-gapper” in life, and in business. As part of your business strategy, it’s vital to know if a short-term advance or long-term loan is right for your needs.

Business cash advances should be part of a short-term strategy. You’ll notice our frequent use of, “short term,” when referencing cash advances; that’s on purpose. These are advances — NOT loans — and they are best utilized when those emergency or can’t-miss situations arise.

A short-term cash advance may be appropriate if:

  • Your company is behind on payroll taxes
  • A limited-time, can’t-miss opportunity arises
  • An emergency strikes, and you business may suffer without it

Keep in mind, advances may be more strictly penalized with late fees and interest, so be sure to have a set plan to pay back funds as soon as possible. Much like your personal borrowing strategy, your business strategy should be dictated on debt awareness and responsible use of both cash advances and long-term loans.

There is sometimes a stigma on the term, “cash advance,” but if done correctly, these short-term advances can keep you and your business out of hot water or provide the temporary boost you need to close a big deal.

If you have any questions concerning the proper use of cash advances or loans within your business strategy, contact the funding experts at AmeriFactors today.

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