In 2016, AmeriFactors was contacted by a Central Florida medical staffing company. Since their founding in 2012, they have been a family run organization with little need for outside funding. The company was experiencing steady growth, but the majority of their business came from one major customer.

Medical Staffing - Doctor

The Challenge

That customer was rapidly expanding and was looking to add an extra 200 employees in a short amount of time. They came to our client with this unique opportunity, but the additional payroll and insurance expense was daunting. Without outside assistance they would not be able to meet their customer’s needs. Initially the company’s CFO was not a fan of factoring, but due to the large dollar amount needed to complete the deal, a traditional line of credit was not an option.

The Solution

Within a couple of days, AmeriFactors was able to fund the client’s invoices. The client now factors their invoices with us weekly, averages $300K a month, and continues to grow. This cash flow ensures that the staffing company never misses payroll or other obligations. The CFO, who was not initially a fan, now sees the value that factoring has added to their business. Factoring has given our client the freedom to roll out even more locations and add dozens of employees every month, without the cash crunch that usually comes along with rapid growth.

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