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In this day and age, nearly any company that’s interested in selling anything fervently does so via the Internet. Web sales can often bring in big bucks for companies that sell everything from card games to designer jeans. With this precedence in place, and given our always-online nature, it’s vital that your business strategically prepare itself for the e-commerce that comes with the holiday season.

E-commerce Tips to Handle the Holidays

Discount Carefully: Preparation is key when creating promotions and discount codes for your customers. All codes must be tested before going out into the “wild.” It may also be wise to stick to discount structures that you’ve used in the past. You do not want backlash from holiday shoppers that feel betrayed by a failed discount.

Load Test: If your site crashes due to high traffic, it’s nearly the same as turning paying customers away from your brick and mortar shop. Consider optimizing your site to handle increased traffic and review site analytics to determine if your website’s slow speed is turning away potential customers. An optimized, easy-to-use site is vital when expecting an increase in visitors.

Mobile Support is no Longer Optional: If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, you must update to a responsive site design, or your risk becoming antiquated. Not only will Google place your website lower in users’ search results, but you are missing out on an ever-growing audience of mobile users.

Along with these e-commerce tips, enacting security measures, such as SSL and a two-factor authentication, can help protect your customers and your company’s reputation. The holidays don’t have to be a headache for your company if you just take the time to prepare for a boost in traffic and ensure that your customers are receiving an e-commerce experience that won’t get your brand a lump of coal this season.

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