Here it comes, the big one, a great and prosperous business opportunity is on its way. You have been working with your business customers on receiving payments for your goods or services. The only issue, the funds are not coming quick enough. Now, this is not to say that you will never get these funds, they should be available in 30 to 90 days, which in the grand scheme of a business is a drop in a bucket of time needed to have a successful business running. However, you need to consider that the lack of these funds is putting a damper on your current employees, as they cannot get paid without it, or this is stopping you from bringing on additional employees or stopping you from expanding your business in the more literal sense. It sounds like you have an issue that Amerifactors can solve; so, let’s talk about factoring.


What is Factoring?


Factoring, simply put, is receiving the cash you as a business need from a third-party business.

Where this differs from a loan is that instead of giving the promise of paying the loaners back, you will be handing over your accounts receivable invoices. These funds will become automatically transferred to you and the factoring company will collect them from your customers when it’s time.


Why Factor and Not Loan?


Credit Check- We at Amerifactors do not check your ability to pay us back, but rather the company who is paying you. This means no credit checks or anything from you; we will check your clients credit and merely collect from them.


Time- This is an issue that needs to be solved toot sweet, and factoring is by and large a much faster process of getting much-needed funds. You can expect these funds to appear between one and three days after the paperwork becomes filed.



Remember, we are here to help you succeed. We want to help improve your ability to reliably do business with other companies, and make sure you can expand without the worry of financial issues. Contact us at 1-800-884-FUND (3863) today so we can help you and your business.



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