Accounts Receivable Financing is:

  • Also called factoring. The financing of your business-to-business invoices is the smartest answer to your cash flow problems.
  • Simple and fast. Once you complete the application and submit the back-up items requested, we will submit a quote in 1 hour or less.
  • The funding of your invoices in 4 hours or less. That’s right. As an established client, your invoices can be funded in as little as 4 hours!
  • Accurate and reliable accounts receivable management. Save money on overhead, and get back to the business of doing business, while AmeriFactors provides comprehensive receivable management. You are assigned your own personal account executive who processes all of your invoices, sends out statements and handles all details of your account.
  • A guarantee to eliminate all future bad debts. AmeriFactors provides monthly credit checks on your customers because it’s their credit that matters and not yours!
  • Funding of receivables from $100K to $100MM a year. AmeriFactors has experience providing for both small and large businesses from almost every industry.
  • NOT A LOAN and the best alternative to a line of credit. With AmeriFactors you’ll be able to grow your business and remove the burden of financial covenants, audits, bank transaction fees and a third-party financial manager telling you how to run your business.

Example of the Factoring Process

Step 1: Amerifactors checks your customer?s credit. Step 2: submit your invoice(s) for funding. Step 3: 90% advanced to you within 4 hours. Step 4: Your customer pays Amerifactors. Step 5: You receive the 8% balance due.

90% Advance – Factoring Fee Calculation Example


* Advance Rate is determined by the total dollar amount to be factored during the course of the agreement. It’s not based on your credit!
** Factoring Fees are fixed and tiered during the course of the agreement. The fees are primarily determined by the credit worthiness of your customer.

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Terms and Conditions

Applicant understands that AmeriFactors intends to rely on the foregoing information in determining whether to enter into a factoring agreement, and applicant authorizes AmeriFactors to do so. Applicant also understands that the foregoing information may be incorporated by reference into an agreement between Applicant and AmeriFactors and any failure of Applicant to disclose truly, completely and correctly the information requested may constitute a breach of any such agreement. Applicant understands further that AmeriFactors has not, by requesting the completion of or accepting this application form, committed to make or implied an intention or commitment to enter into a factoring agreement with Applicant. Applicant acknowledges that he has retained a copy of this application form. Applicant authorizes AmeriFactors (officer, employee, or other representative thereof) to visit and inspect any properties of Applicant; to discuss Applicant and its affairs, finances, and accounts with, and he advised as to the same by Applicant's officers, employees, lenders, attorneys, customers, suppliers, and independent public accountant; all to such reasonable extent as AmeriFactors may desire, and all on the condition that AmeriFactors seeks such information in good faith in connection with The Applicantants factoring application. Applicant hereby authorizes AmeriFactors to immediately file a financing statement covering all collateral of Applicant. The financing statement will become effective when (and if) Applicant and AmeriFactors enter into a factoring agreement. In the event AmeriFactors and Applicant fail to enter into a factoring agreement, AmeriFactors will file a termination statement.

Applicant hereby authorizes its suppliers, customers, lenders, accountants, principals, officers and attorneys to provide AmeriFactors (and any officer, employee or representative thereof) such information about Applicant and its affairs, finances, and accounts as AmeriFactors may request. Applicant also authorizes each such person and firm to accept a copy of this Authorization as if it were an original. The individual submitting this application who is either an officer, director, partner, member, owner of a sole proprietorship or shareholder of the Applicant, recognizing that his individual credit history may be a factor in the evaluation of the credit history of the Applicant, hereby consents to and authorizes the use of a consumer credit report by AmeriFactors from time to time as may be needed in the credit evaluation.