Day 1

You’ve gotten over the initial hurdle of just existing.

Your small business, formerly a twinkling ambition in the back of your mind, has evolved from a mere concept into a real, tangible company.

You have a location, a few employees, and a passion for what you do. Despite the initial trepidation, you’re here. You did it.

So now what?

Be Prepared

It’s important to understand that businesses don’t reach success overnight. It’s a process.

help your small companyThe very first step in this process is arguably the most important and it is managing your costs.

Before you make any drastic decisions regarding equipment, programs, or departments, you MUST outline what it is that you actually need.

It may seem obvious, but skipping this vital step could lead to financial struggles down the line as you find yourself surrounded by devices and products that don’t actually serve your company.

Creating a solid outline of what your business needs at every stage of its growth ensures that you only fund the things that help you expand in meaningful ways.

Filling in the Framework

Once you have the rough skeletal plan of your company’s growth mapped out, you can begin to flesh it out by securing your finances.

grow your businessFor this step, you might want to look into getting loans from a bank and starting a business savings account.

Charting a financial course for your company that coincides with the framework you initially laid out, gives you a road map for your company’s purchases and growth as they happen.

A business savings account further galvanizes your investments by ensuring that you have money stored away for unforeseen circumstances.

Even if you plan everything perfectly, things can still go wrong. That’s why even your perfect plan should have a backup perfect plan.

Get the Word Out

This isn’t so much the next step on the path as it is the mindset you should have during the whole journey.

You should always, always, ALWAYS be posting on social media to create buzz for your business.

In the Age of Information, small businesses that don’t constantly remind the public that they exist can fall under the radar.

By sharing your company’s events and services with the public via social media, potential customers get a feel for what you’re all about while also seeing what other people think of you.

If you have a passion for what you do, and know you can do it better than anyone else, share that passion! Make sure people know it.


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