Client Testimonials

We'll let our clients speak for us.

AmeriFactors provides the best service in the industry. Take it from clients who've trusted our expertise for 30 years.

AmeriFactors has been our partner for several years and we love working with them. They exceed our expectations! Highly recommend - when your clients demand in paying you in 120 days from end of month and you need to pay your valuable resources much sooner. Customer care and dependability is tops.

Laverne Johnson

AmeriFactors is the heartbeat of my company. We have been working together for over 20 years and they provide us the fast cash flow we need to maintain our business. Through the years and no matter the economic conditions, AmeriFactors has been ready to help.

Jay Wilson

AmeriFactors delivers on their value proposition with consistent cash flow, excellent service, and dependable management of accounts receivable. They collaborate with their clients to build strategies that cater to business needs at reasonable costs. Our company is not considered the typical factoring client because we have a strong balance sheet, but AmeriFactors knows how to find solutions for companies in the fast growth stages without taking on debt.

Randy Zoesch

Thank you Amerifactors! Service has been excellent and so has the level of communication. You guys are a strong asset to my company and its employees. Looking forward to another great year with you guys.

Corey Miller

Our Company has been using AmeriFactors since 2009 and they are amazing. If you are comparing other companies against them, my advice to you is to stop and move forward with AmeriFactors. There is no other company that can compete with them. We have used other companies prior to them, and no other company could measure up to them. It was not even close! AmeriFactors simply is way ahead of their competition. We have watched competitor companies come into the game. They have reached out to us and just within a couple minutes on a call with them it's time to end the conversation, and I do. AmeriFactors is upfront, straight forward and most important ethical. Having worked with AmeriFactors for years we have come across many situations and there is no challenge that they could not overcome. Their management team is superior, and they go beyond the call of duty for their customers. They are a first class organization and a stable one. The person that I worked with (Jennifer) in the application process in 2009 is still with the company today. I have worked with the same Rep, Bryant for years until he took on another role. He did forget about me upon taking on his new role and saw to it that I made a smooth transition over to my new Rep, Brendan who is also excellent. I would say don't waist your time looking at other companies. AmeriFactors is an excellent run company and should be a Harvard Business School case study showing students on how a company should be run. They are worth 10 Stars not 5!

Anthony Rossi

Working with AmeriFactors was an amazing experience, as my company was navigating through the COVID pandemic we ran into a rough patch and needed help. Our account executive Crystal managed our account as if she were a member of our team, I cannot be more grateful for her efforts.

Ronald Ballman

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Legal, Privacy & Accessibility Statement
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