Why AmeriFactors?

The Power of AmeriFactors Accounts Receivable Financing

Fast Cash Flow

Simple and fast.

Once you complete the application and submit the requested back-up items, we will deliver a quote in 1 hour or less.

The funding of your invoices in 4 hours or less.

As an established client, your invoices can be funded in as little as 4 hours! The first funding in as little as 24 hours after approval.

Accurate and reliable accounts receivable management.

Save money on overhead, and get back to the business of doing business, while AmeriFactors provides comprehensive receivable management.

High advance rate at 80%-98%* of invoice amount.

AmeriFactors can deliver immediate cash flow with the money owed to you from your customers.

Flexibility In Funding

Competitive funding fees.

Starting as low as 2% per invoice. Based on the contracted collection period and, not an annual percentage rate.

Funding based on your customers.

When making a funding decision, AmeriFactors will focus on the creditworthiness of your customers, not your company’s financial history.

Funding available even with credit problems.

AmeriFactors will still consider your application even if you have credit problems or a past bankruptcy.

Services provided nationwide to most industries.

Including, but not limited to: Staffing, Technology, Utilities, Cellular, Oil/Gas/Energy, Printing, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Security, Janitorial/Cleaning, Maintenance, Business Services, Trucking/Transportation and Government.

Financial Strength

Funding of receivables from $100 thousand to $10 million a year.

AmeriFactors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust. This means that we have the financial strength and security to fund your business.

Non-recourse funding.

We take the risk of non-payment by your customers.*

Start-ups or in business for years.

Experience providing for all types of businesses regardless of their size, revenue and whether they are a startup, rebuilding or in a growth stage.

Help to eliminate future bad debts.

AmeriFactors provides credit checks on your customers because it’s their credit that matters in accounts receivable financing.

Your Own Team of Experts

Over 30 years of successful funding.

We have built a legacy of trust and integrity with our people and comprehensive services.

Customized plan from Business Development Officers.

BDOs will work with you to develop a customized plan since no two companies have the same financial needs. Even if you’ve been turned down by everyone else, we will try to find a plan that will work for your business needs.

A dedicated Account Executive.

Your AE will provide excellent customer service. They will process your invoices, send out statements, remind customers in a professional, friendly manner when payments are due and handle all details of your account.

AmeriFactors believes in the success of your business.

Every company has the right to grow and succeed, and sometimes traditional loan products are not the answer. AmeriFactors makes funding your business our business.
* Restrictions and limitations may apply.


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Legal, Privacy & Accessibility Statement
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